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Annual Family Reunion
is always
the 2nd SAT in AUGUST
8/11/2012   PLACE TBA
Bring a picnic lunch, outdoor gear, camera, pics to share.
Annual Family Christmas Dinner
Dec 16, 2012, 1:30pm Pennas (on Hayes)
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Gaeton & Pat D'Arca
Anita Irons 
Sharon Schamante-Frisby 
Dan and Patty Bell
Paula D'Arca-Stubleski
Tom Schamante
John Schamante
Tina Schamante
Carmela LaRosa 
John & Phyllis D'Arca
Joann & Forrest Cooper
Rick D'Arca
Dan Bell
John T. Schamante
Jack Bucchare

Dad (JR) wrote a poem, Anita put to a melody and sings in pure voice with sister, Tina (harmony & background vocals).  The majestic accompaniment and arrangement by Mark Heckert, (Tina's fiance).

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John & Carmela (D'Arca) Schamante 50th Anniversary
(1962) Behind L-R: Peter, John (Jr.), Millie, Annie, Josie, Paul, Tommy

It is in loving memory of Grandma & Grandpa and all our loved ones departed that this site is created...and dedicated to our family, especially those across the miles.
- Tina Schamante, Webmaster
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Carmela (D'Arca) & John Sciamante
1937 name was changed to 'Schamante'

This is our FAMILY ALBUM.  Please share any information, events, pictures, documents or favorite links for publishing here - go to "Contact Us". 


LESSON OF LOAVES & FISHES:  As soon as we learn to be a community instead of a crowd, we’ll have all the bread we’ll ever need. A crowd is a group of individuals who are interested in the same thing. A community is a people who are in communion with all humanity, who are joined in humanity in such a way that when one laughs, all laugh, when one cries all cry. In a crowd people worry about having enough to eat. In a community no one gives a second thought. - SoundBYTE Spirituality

Tell Him about your heartache,
And tell Him the longings, too.
Tell Him the baffled purpose
When we scarce know what to do.

Then leaving all our weakness
With the One divinely strong,
Forget that we bore a burden
And carry away a song.

 - Phillips Brooks